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  • For all of these reasons, I find that the paralegal is not a suitable adult, and that permitting a paralegal to provide assistance would be inconsistent with the proper administration of justice in the Youth Justice Court. (R. v. K.P.D., 2015 ONCJ 88 (CanLII), <>.)

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Client confidentiality

In discussing Paul Bernardo’s right to solicitor-client confidentiality during a hearing to see whether the main case should be dismissed due to delay, Justice Gravely mentions:

[21] Justice Quinn in the course of making a ruling on one of the applications in this case expressed eloquently the public importance of the right when he said:

For those who might succumb to a vagrant thought as to how Bernardo, ensconced in penitentiary having been convicted of heinous crimes, has the temerity, and, is permitted, to assert rights both in this court and in the court below, it is to be remembered that the issue here is the quality of those rights rather than the quality of the litigant.

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Discipline Hearings

Useful source of information on what others have done wrong, see LSO Discipline hearings at CanLII for more examples.

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