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Administrative Law

Administrative Tribunals in Ontario

Other Organizations

  • The Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals: “a national organization that supports the work of administrative tribunals and promotes excellence in administrative justice.” Also provide CLE for those involved in or interested in Administrative Law, including CLE and resources on how to write legal documents that are accessible to people with lower literacy skills.
  • The Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators: an independent not-for-profit organization that provides training, support, and networking opportunities for people involved in administrative law.

Finding Legislation

Interesting Caselaw

  • 2011 CanLII 46582 from the Ontario Labour Relations Board: “The [plaintiff] in his cross-examination admitted what he had done was inappropriate behaviour and that when he saw the video posted on the internet he thought he had been stupid. I agree … [it] was not only inappropriate behaviour, it demonstrated a great deal of stupidity.”

1 Thanks to Richard K. for finding this list.



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