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Contracts and Torts


A required course in first year at most law schools, there are many resources online that deal either with specific important cases or with principles of contract law in general. Remember, though, check the source. Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and other Commonwealth Countries have similar legal systems. The US, the rest of the European Union, and other non-Commonwealth countries have sufficiently different legal systems that you cannot always rely that materials they produce to be applicable in Canada.


General Contract Law

Tort Law

General Information

Tort Principles

  • Intent: Strict liability or Absolute liability – the defenses of due dilligence or reasonable mistake of fact can be available in cases where strict liability applies, but not where absolute liability is the standard. Note: because of the Charter,in Canada an offense punishable by jail time can not be decided on an absolute liability standard.

Tort Law Cases

Insurance and Tort Law



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