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Job Hunting Ideas


  • Because sometimes it comes up in class and it seemed a good idea to keep all the info in one places.
  • Because I expect people who are engaging in “Career Searching” already have something in mind, while those who are just hunting for a job are willing to experiment and try new things.
  • Because I needed somewhere logical to recommend that students who are looking for work talk to ACA’s Career Counsellor, Debbie Scott (dscott at this school dot com) for much better information and advice than I can give.

General Job Hunting Information

Let people know you’re looking, and what you’re looking for via old fashioned conversation as well as social media.


Law-Specific Ideas

  • Electronic discovery or E-Discovery firms are growing and hiring. A discussion in the Lawyer’s Weekly magazine “4Students” suggests that E-Discovery is a good area for recent law graduates, and might be an equally good one for paralegal graduates, especially those with a tech background.


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