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No Wrapping Paper Needed

Although you may never see a will with a bow on it, one of the best gifts you can give to your family is to ensure that they have clear and simple guidance on what to do after your death.

That certainty in a time of bereavement means your family members will be able to grieve without the stress of confusion, second guessing, and potential conflict within the family itself. A clear will also minimizes bureaucratic red tape needed to deal with banks, utility companies, and other officials.

Having a living will provides both you and your family with a plan for how you would like your health care to be managed if you are temporarily unable to communicate your wishes yourself. In Ontario a living will is usually referred to as a Power of Attorney for Personal Care. It allows you to select one or more people who can give instructions to doctors about your care. It also allows you to state what types of treatment you want, or do not want, in specific circumstances, and relieves your family members from the anxiety of having to make those decisions for you without your input.



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