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For Individuals

As a self-represented litigant, you know your facts and history, but you may not know how your situation is best presented in Court. Whether you have been told to provide the Court with a factum, or whether you’re looking for advice in how to structure the information on a particular form, I can help.

For Lawyers and Paralegals

Practitioners understand that legal research is the foundation of persuasive legal argument. Effective research joined with clear writing will help you advocate for your clients from a solid platform that brings you closer to reaching your client’s legal goals. Whether you’re developing new legal arguments; looking for the most persuasive case law; or looking for someone else to draft that memorandum, factum, or affidavit; I can help.



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M. Anne Vespry

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2487 Kaladar Avenue, Suite 119 Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 8B9 | Fax: 613-800-8334